Cottage Industry
Option Paralysis

FEB 2013:

G. Craig Hobbs
FRIDAY, February 15th, 2013
7:30 - 9 PM
A Night of Music, Video, Art and Fashion
@ the
Museum of Art and History
(705 Front St. Santa Cruz, CA)
In Affiliation with the

Read more about the show here.


Santa Cruz, CA USA
Glitch-Acoustic Indie Experimental Music

For booking info please . Our rider, equipment list, and press kit are available upon request.

We are available for bookings, shows, concerts, parties, musical collaborations, art installations/exhibitions, cruises, or any other type of event. We also specialize in producing original music and other types of sonic material for internet, cinema, video-game, television, and multimedia uses. Remixes and remixers are always welcome -- we value collaboration in all its varied forms.

Our professional recording studio & high-quality portable sound system are located in Santa Cruz, California, USA, and are available upon request.

həˈmə ng kyələs reks is

Ryan Morgan - Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar, MIDI Bass, Synths
Josh Sonstroem - Laptop [Ableton] (Beats, Glitches, Synths, Samples), Controllers, Melodica, iPhone


josh with ableton and 'homunculi' sculptures Josh on controllers in our Santa Cruz studio our old gear preshow classic josh hand gesture josh on the melodica ryan with his guitars ryan and kevin jamming Keith and Ryan in our Santa Cruz studio

AUG 2012:


Homunculus Rex - Option Paralysis is out now! Option Paralysis is the mutant progeny of fully refined mid-2011 and early-2012 Homunculus Rex (HRex) lineup of co-composers Ryan Morgan (Electric Bass, Acoustic Guitar, MIDI Bass, Synths) and Josh Sonstroem (Laptop, Programming, Samples/Sound design, Controllers, Synths, Melodica, Harmonica). This 9 song, 59 minute full length LP features a wide range of guest musicians and progresses thru a rapidly shifting series of genre-bending soundscapes. Atypical keys and time signatures not divisible by 4 add to the novel feel of many of the compositions.

Also featuring guest musicians: D. Morgan (Analog Synth) on 'Carbide the Pixels'; B. K. Axel (Acoustic Guitar) on 'Turtles all the way down' and 'Mental showers, Brain flowers'; John Bitter (Electric Guitar), Anatole Shaw (Synth), and Ronnie Turturici (Analog Synth) featured on 'Become yourself again and again'.

Mastered by Tarekith at Inner Portal Studios in Seattle, WA USA. Album art and design by Dextro. Band photo by Sydni Indman. The album was produced on an Apple Laptop, primarily utilizing Ableton and MAX/MSP. Recorded in Santa Cruz, CA, USA during 2011/12 at the HRex Prima Studio by Auralox. Mixed by Auralox.
    Homunculus Rex - Option Paralysis (58:32)
  1. Carbide the Pixels - 4/4 @120/110bpm (8:42)
  2. Mental showers, Brain flowers - 4/4 @106bpm (5:02)
  3. The plain of immanence - 4/4 @138bpm (4:53)
  4. Finally, this shoulder has burdened the beast - 7/4 @82bpm (7:57)
  5. Horse shoes and Hand grenades - 6/8 @120bpm (5:35)
  6. Do they still make those? - 4/4 @96bpm (8:46)
  7. Thought constructs - 4/4 @95bpm (5:47)
  8. Turtles all the way down - 4/4 @92bpm (5:55)
  9. Become yourself again and again - 4/4 @92/114bpm (6:06)
  10. All songs by HOMUNCULUS REX. Option Paralysis was Ryan Morgan and Josh Sonstroem.

MAY 2011:

Homunculus Rex - Cottage Industry is the combined output of the early-2010 to mid-2011 Homunculus Rex (HRex) lineup. This 51 minute, 5 song EP includes one hidden track and is the collective effort of the full 4 piece group, featuring co-composers Ryan Morgan (bass/guitar), Josh Sonstroem (computers/synths/controllers), Keith Garrett (computers/sampling/controllers), and Kevin Northcutt (drums/percussion).

The album recording and production took place at HR's Prima Studio in Santa Cruz, CA USA over a span of about 13 months. Each song contains a mix of certain aspects which were written/performed collaboratively and other elements that were written by one co-composer independently and brought back to the collective. This is also true of the guitar and bass riffs that form the root motifs of the tracks. Notably, this album was produced entirely utilizing two computers MIDI time-synced over ethernet, lending to the albums unique sound: a blending two distinct computer production styles -- Ambient and IDM -- layered on top of the intricacies of the live instrumentation.

To further enhance the mistique of Cottage Industry the final versions of the tracks were mixed remotely by Keith while he was traveling abroad through India and Nepal. The album was mastered by Tarekith at Inner Portal Studios in Seattle, WA USA. Album art by Anatole Shaw. Thank you internet.
    Homunculus Rex - Cottage Industry (50:03)
  1. The Logical Extension Of Capitalism Is Murder (9:28)
  2. I Love You Because You're Dying; But We're All Dying; I Don't Love Everyone (10:17)
  3. Getting Used To Everything (8:32)
  4. Not All Who Wander Are Lost (9:34)
  5. Fragile Hinterland Of Possibility Between The Unpredictible And The Familiar (7:22)
  6. I'm Strong Enough To Be Happy When You Are Happy (HIDDEN TRACK, 4:55)
  7. All songs by HOMUNCULUS REX. Cottage Industry was Ryan Morgan, Josh Sonstroem, Keith Garrett, Kevin Northcutt.

DEC 2012:
Watch this short animated film about a revolutionary PTSD (posttraumatic stress syndrome) treatment featuring music by Homunculus Rex. Daniel Raphael Potthast created the original 3D sequences and motion graphics. Voice actor Loring Green donated his time and skill to do the voice over.

AUG 2012:
Watch this live performance video of Homunculus Rex at the Abbey on Saturday, August 25th, 2012 (Santa Cruz, CA)

Option Paralysis
Album Release Show

SATURDAY, August 25th, 2012
8 - 10 PM

At the Abbey Lounge
(350 Mission St. Santa Cruz, CA)
Videos online NOW - see 'em on YouTube!

APR 2012:
Watch this promo video featuring music by Homunculus Rex and featuring clips of their live performance at the MAPS 1st Friday Art Tour (Santa Cruz, CA)

SEP 2011:
Watch Homunculus Rex playing Mental Showers, Brain Flowers live at the Abbey (Santa Cruz, CA)
or Download the file (2 min, 55 sec; 232.2MB h264)

APR 2011:
Watch Homunculus Rex playing live in 'Habitat' at the UC Davis Auditorium (Davis, CA)
Choreography: Kevin O'Connor. Dancers: Allie Cooper, Asia Seltzer, Pat Tao, Sarah Martin, Anjuli Verma, Kevin O'Connor

FEB 2011:
Watch Homunculus Rex playing live at the Abbey (Santa Cruz, CA) in this Vimeo Gallery [7 clips]
or Download video of the full show (1 hr; 865.8MB mp4)

SEP 2010:
Watch Homunculus Rex playing live at the Cosmo Factory (Santa Cruz, CA) in this YouTube Channel [2 clips]: Clip A & Clip B

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